Mulch & Bark

At Carrara Market Landscape Supplies we stock a huge range of quality mulch and bark for your garden. Our products help boost soil quality, reduce weed growth, retain moisture and regulate soil temperature to help your garden flourish. View our range below or contact us for advice today!

Enlarge Pine Bark 1

Pine Bark 1

The Pine Bark variety comes from the Pine tree and is an odourless timber bark screened at 1 inch. Pine Bark is often used to reduce weed growth due to its longer decomposition time. Its natural woody tones suit most applications.

Price: $72.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Tea Tree Mulch

Tea Tree Mulch

Tea Tree mulch is popular because of its attractive dark shade and fresh natural scent. This variety is a blend of bark chips and shredded mulch that combine to create a strong mesh-like finish to protect your soil from the SEQ elements.

Price: $65.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Cypress Blend

Cypress Blend

Cyprus Blend has a distinct brown-red colour. Cyprus Blend is naturally termite resistant and eludes the fresh scent of Cyprus bark. This mulch is fast becoming our most popular mulching product.

Price: $79.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Hoop Pine 1

Hoop Pine 1

This bark is shredded from the Hoop Pine tree. Ideal for pots, garden beds and sloped gardens, Hoop Pine bark offers a long lasting solution for your garden. The natural tones of the Hoop Pine provide a distinct alternative to traditional mulches.

Price: $81.00/m³ *
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Enlarge Forest Mulch

Forest Mulch

Forest Mulch is a cost effective solution used for mulching gardens. Shredded from many different trees, forest mulch provides a natural forest look which resembles the native feel of a national park. The affordability of Forest Mulch makes it perfect for covering large areas.

Price: $42.00/m³ *
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* Price excludes delivery charges. If delivery or less than a metre (either cubic or square) is required, contact us to request a quote. Please note all prices displayed are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.